Coronavirus in Vietnam – Is Vietnam safe for Travel?

Understanding that traveling creates a high risk of spreading of Coronavirus throughout the country, the Vietnam government has applied strict policies, including:


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In north-central Vietnam, the country is not very wide, from the East Sea to Laos (less than 100kilometers).
Straddling the border is the Lao Bao International Border Gate, here foreign citizens can receive land visas to be in Vietnam.
There are several border gates much closer to Da Nang, but these are remote, rural border gates and unless you have prior visas arranged with both Laos & Vietnam, you are not getting through.
So, for those people in DaNang, HoiAn or Hue which to do a "visa run" - that is, leave Vietnam, enter Laos, and then turn around and leave Laos and re-enter Vietnam. You get to meet the friendly people at the border gates, and to top it off, the corridor that you must drive through from the coast to the border is quite scenic, historical, and intriguing.

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